Software Engineer - Intern

Pierce County I.T.

Tacoma, Washington

2018 to 2018
  • Developed API that serves GeoJSON identifying vote location/districts.
  • Converted trigger/procedure migration from SQL to MYSQL.
  • Produced new inactive case feature for PALS Online @ https://palsonline.co.pierce.wa.us/palsonline/#/app/srs/srsSearch.

Full Stack Web Developer

The Fittest Warrior Project

Auburn, Washington

2017 to 2018
  • Developed LAMP Stack web application using Laravel framework & O.R.M.
  • Responsible back-end PHP code, which included an automated form solution.
  • Lead architect and oversight for the overall site structure and design.

Web Developer

Silver Superstore

Kent, Washington

2016 to 2018
  • Scripted applications to automate and promote consistency/productivity.
  • Created PHP Simple HTML DOM tool that collected data for 65,000 products.
  • Maintained email campaign for internal and external sales and promotions.


Jason Zeringue

Instructor - Sanford Brown College

September 18, 2015

Kevin Smith has been a student of mind at Sanford Brown College, I have been teaching and producing web content in the industry for more than 10 years, Kevin has shown initiative and drive while attending school here at Sanford Brown. His use of best practices involving HTML, CSS and other web technologies have grown considerably. I recommend Kevin for any organization due to his drive and willingness to learn, engage and get the job completed with a high degree of quality.

Jason Zerinque

letter of recomendation

Kevin Gabbert

Instructor - Sanford Brown College

To whom it may concern,

Kevin Smith, solves difficult problems and finds solutions that are efficent as well as easty to expand upon and modify. When faced with a situation where he has little information and needs to solve a difficult problem he immerses himself in research and testing until he finds a solution, then goes back and improves upon that solution unti it meets his high standars. I have no doubt that Kevin will be a valuable asset to any organization he works with.


Kevin Gabbert

letter of recomendation